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for garments

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The first Cafissi’s collection.

Contemporary fabrics for the most valuable fashion and fast fashion brands. 180 items for every season entirely made in Italy. Our experts’ steady research, the use of 

top-quality materials and our designers’ focus on the latest trends are the key aspects that have turned this collection into Cafissi’s crown jewel.

The most eco-friendly collection.

220 eco-friendly items for each season. Sustainable fabrics entirely designed and made in Italy. Natural and recycled fibers are at the heart of these collections. Stemming from a careful research of the latest trends and the constant feedback from our customers, Elle is one of our company’s pillars.

elle Cafissi linea prima.jpg
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Raw products ready for dyeing.

500 imported raw products available for Delivery Services and ready for dyeing, printing and finishing processes. Several types of viscose, polyester, cotton, in various weights. The progressive research and development of new processing methods are fundamental and make Crystal a state-of-the-art collection, always meeting the market needs.

The greatest variety.

Over 2000 imported items that are customizable and available through Delivery Services. Thanks to fabrics that are both yarndyed and piece-dyed, Megistos ranges from basic to highly fancy fabrics, always providing the right solution for each creative need.



for footwear, bags and accessories


The right idea for footwear,

bags and accessories.


Over 1,200 items for footwear, accessories and the fashion industry in general. 

IDEO is a collection that transversely crosses the market by offering technical products, pile fabrics and faux furs made with recycled fibers, but also fashion items, faux leather and basic products to create accessories that are consistent with the contemporary total-look trends. 

A wide range of options to customize all of our Made in Italy items and as many possibilities to purchase basics with Delivery-Service.


for homewares

Personal wellness products

Over 600 items for the making of mattress and pillow covers, various houseware items and biomedical products. It is Cafissi’s iconic collection, which has always distinguished the circular pile weaving machine production and has delivered woolen fabrics for blankets, mattress covers and other pieces to millions of people all over the world for seventy years. 

Our accurate production begins with the choice of the best fibers- ranging from fine wools to the new Biomed fibers-and weaving- be it plain or jacquard. We also offer the possibility to create fabrics in various heights and packed.

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