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Products registered by the Ministry of Health as medical devices.

In 2013, after years of research and clinical studies, CEM Srl (a Cafissi group company) placed on the market

KristalMed®, an extraordinary fabric with regenerative capabilities and many applications

product sectors.





It has been ascertained by scientific research and clinical studies by various national and international bodies: CNR of

Pisa, University of Florence, University of Graz – Austria, University of Witten, Germany etc. that KristalMed®

it is a bio-molecule capable of interacting with the central nervous system and re-establishing the correct balance


It is a mix of particular minerals (protected by industrial secret) which in the correct doses have...

the organism has an amplified and unique regenerative function. Amplified because it brings together capabilities

regenerative processes of the various minerals that compose it, unique because the KristalMed® bio-molecule works

like a gigantic photonic mirror it returns infrared rays to the organism that comes into contact with it

with the same wavelength that it emitted, restoring and speeding up its correct functioning

energetic. “There are many medical devices that emit infrared rays for the treatment of various

diseases but none can be calibrated to the specific individual and therefore be able to work intensely

on its wavelength” as KristalMed® is able to do

This energetic restoration brings countless benefits to the person in terms.




Reduces pain of any nature;

Reduces inflammatory states;

Increases resistance to fatigue and stress;

Increases memory and concentration capacity;

Accelerates the recovery of minor traumas;

It reduces the gap between potential and actual performance by 50%.

Reduces water retention;

Promotes the absorption of aesthetic and medical products

speeding up its effect;

It contributes to the restoration of the functionality of the cell membrane by promoting

the disposal of lactic acid with consequent reduction in recovery times after sports performances




Certificazioni e studi clinici:

CNR di Pisa;

Centro Kinetic di Pisa;

Istituto Antonio Ricci di Carmignano - Prato;

Istituto Villa Serena di Prato;

Centro fisioterapico Vignali di Pistoia;

Clinica veterinaria Dott. Armando Del Rosso di Altopascio - Lucca;

Università di Firenze

Sperimentazioni Austria e Germania

- Prof. Michael Ofner – University of Graz Institute of Immunology – Austria

- Prof. Manuel Treven – Im. Puls Praxis Klagenfurt – Austria

- Prof. Harald Walach – Medical University of Poznan – Poland / University of Witten -

Herdecke – Germany; Change Health Science Istitute Berlin – Germany

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