A great variety of fabrics for different targets is also available just in time.

A collection developed internally but also a vast selection of imported items, which come from selected partners with whom Cafissi has been collaborating for years, to guarantee its customers the highest quality. Continuously looking for new materials, styles, articles, the Cafissi technical team is a prepared team able to respond to the requests of its customers, with customized solutions.
For Cafissi Spa every project is special.

it represents the highest level of the company's production


It is Cafissi’s new collection, and it represents the highest level of the company's production. Its classic inspiration responds to a need for elegance and sobriety, and is especially designed for brands that focus on product quality. All fabrics are internally created and produced, and are the result of a careful search for style and materials, with a special attention to performance.

Linea Elle

Product customization, fast production and a great emphasis on the use of recycled materials are at the basis of the main Italian production line. A great variety of qualities, items ranging from boiled wool to crochet, from shuttle fabrics to eco-friendly furs, Designed and created in Prato, this casual collection is aimed both at sustainability-conscious brands and companies whose core business requires extremely fast delivery times.


It is Cafissi’s widest line of fabrics, the result of careful research and selection. It consists of about 2,000 qualities of imported fabrics, both yarn-dyed and piece-dyed. It is a collection that always expresses the most recent trends, as it is very frequently updated. All items are ready for immediate delivery. From basics to evening dresses, in Megistos there is always the right solution for every creative need.


It is a complete collection of raw articles, ready for dyeing, and ready for printing, all available for immediate delivery. Viscose, polyester, cottons fabrics in several weights, all imported and produced by selected partners all over the world, with the Cafissi quality guarantee.


Traceability + Environment + Innovation

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